Thirty years of the Nashi Pear
Trying to earn it's place
On the shelves of our supermarkets
Striving to state it's case.

It's orgins started in Asia
It's been grown there for hundreds of years
Regarded so high in it's homeland
The kingpin of all the pears

But here at home we're still fighting
To find the true niche it deserves
At it's best, it's delivered to market
Then struggles to reach it's reserves.

Thru promotion and good education
The public at large will be taught
That Nashis deserve a niche market
And have earned their right to be bought

As Growers, our numbers are dwindling
New blood seems to come and then go
The stalwarts are still hanging in there
Although forward progress is slow.

In “Industry Years” we are still very young
The future is hiding all clues
We live in ”The Land of Plenty”
From which, there is so much to choose.

But as Growers of the “Mighty Nashi”
Stand tall, head high, be proud!
You're the “Backbone” of this industry
In the “Land of The Long White Cloud”

This poem was written by Sid Kean to mark 30 years since Nashi was established as a commercial crop in 1984.
Sid and his wife Diane run a nashi and kiwifruit orchard just south of Te Puke.