How to


Nashi can bruise and are handpicked ripe off the tree. They don’t require further ripening; it’s best to keep them chilled in the fridge.


Keep in the fruit bowl for up to a week or store in the fridge for 3 weeks


Delicious to eat whole like an apple or they can be cut into wedges. A squeeze of lemon or limejuice adds to the flavour. Nashi does not discolour when cut and stays firm while cooking. When cooking with Nashi remember that they have a delicate flavour readily taking on flavours of other ingredients. To retain a crisp texture, poach, bake or add to a dish toward the end of the cooking process and avoid over-ripe fruit.


Nashi has high juice content, so you may like to drain off or gently squeeze the grated fruit to remove excess moisture for some uses e.g. stuffing.

Try grated Nashi with passionfruit, chopped nuts and ice cream. Grated Nashi can also be added to coleslaw or used to moisten meat stuffing.


Makes a great refreshing drink.

Use Nashi juice to tenderise your steak for your next barbeque.

Preserving and Freezing

Because of the high juice content, raw Nashi do not freeze well. However when cooked e.g. in a sugar syrup, with other in season fruits like Feijoas, Tamarillos and Passionfruit or sultanas and spices or in savoury dishes, they preserve or freeze well.