All About Nashi

Nashi is a crisp, juicy and refreshing type of pear from Asia but grown in New Zealand since 1982– often called “the fruit you drink”. It’s delicious in many ways, cold from the fridge on a hot day. Poached in Autumn puddings, spiced with Winter curries or preserved for use in the Spring with your morning cereal. Nashi are suitable for babies, children, the elderly, sports people and dieters, anyone really.

At work or play, Nashi is nature's boost of natural sugar. It's fat free, so try it as your morning juice and feel refreshed before you start the day. Nashi are simply delicious as a fruit snack, or for something different try it in your cooking. When you bite into a Nashi, you're getting a burst of natural energy, and vitamins too.

Nutritional Value

Nashi are 100% natural pure fruit, high fibre, fat free, juicy, high vitamin C, and low calories. They are ideal for school lunches and great for athletes or anyone on the run as they double as a nutritious snack and a drink. A bonus for dieters, Nashi provides many essential minerals and vitamins along with cellulose to curb appetite.

  • Nashi Pear per 100 grams edible portion
  • Energy 206 kJ
  • Protein 0.18g
  • Fat 0.11g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrate 10.95g
  • Sodium 0.6 mg
  • Dietary Fibre 1.6g
  • Vitamin C 3.7 mg

Nashi Types


Appearance: Deep gold colour. Medium size.
Harvest time: Early, Mid January.
Taste/texture: Sweet, aromatic, juicy but firm flesh.


Appearance: Greenish golden skin
Harvest time: Early season – late January
Taste/texture: very sweet and juicy. Medium size fruit


Appearance: Golden brown skin
Harvest time: Mid-season - early February to March.
Taste/texture: Crisp and juicy. Medium to very large fruit


Appearance: Yellow-green skin
Harvest time: Late season – Late February - March
Taste/texture: Sweet and juicy

Dan Bae

Dan Bae
Appearance: Deep gold-bronze colour
Harvest time: Late season –March-April
Taste/texture: Firm full flavoured crisp sweet flesh, medium to very large.


New Zealand Nashi are ready from late January to July. They're picked ripe off the tree, so you can enjoy them straight away.

For the aged

The elderly like the texture of Nashi, making it easy to eat. Nashi are also low in acid and provide dietary fibre.

For the sporty

Nashi are a great nutritious snack with natural sugars for athletes or anyone on the run.